You’ll find that part of the allure of this residential development is that it offers impressive convenience through its proximity to major shopping districts.

Botany Town Centre offers a wide selection of shops, restaurants and cafes.

Close to Vista Estates is the Botany Town Centre, the long-standing commercial cornerstone of East Auckland. This market hub is a resident favourite for those living in the area, fulfilling all your everyday needs and much, much more.

The new up-and-coming commercial centre is the Ormiston Town Centre, which is set to be another attractive shopping precinct. Through council funding, this place will soon be able to offer Flat Bush residents an expanded variety of public facilities.

The developers believe that this shows excellent growth potential, as the development of the new town centre shifts the commercial focus eastwards towards Flat Bush. Residents can now live, shop and work in close proximity without the hassle of extended travel.

What a great place to live

Vista Estate will stand as a fantastic community to live in and experience life.
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You’ll also find the ferry terminal within driving distance, which provides direct access to the heart of Auckland. This bridges the gap between tranquil living in Vista Estates and the hustle and bustle of the CBD.

Around the Flat Bush area is the Barry Curtis Park, a major nature park located in the heart of East Auckland. The Park offers ample space and facilities to experience the great outdoors in the form of sport fields, cycling paths, large parks, walking tracks, and more. The Barry Curtis Park is a mere walking distance from Vista Estates.

The Flat Bush area also offers close access to commendable schools, kindergartens, healthcare facilities, and much more.


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